Privacy Notice for Real Estate Representation

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, hereinafter referred to as “THE LAW”, has issued this Privacy Policy as follows:

For purposes of this Privacy Notice TALBOT REAL ESTATE (hereinafter known as “THE AGENCY”), with address at Prol. Invierno No. 70, El Caloso, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48360, Jalisco, telephone number (322)223-3770, with the email address, and activity as real estate representatives and Realtors, inform you that they are responsible for the collection, dissemination, storage, use, management, transfer, and/or disposal of personal information that is received from their clients who are property owners, prospects, and/or customers (hereinafter “THE HOLDER”).

The personal data collected by THE AGENCY from THE HOLDER or their representatives includes, but is not limited to: name, address for service, email, nationality, telephone number, occupation, name of spouse, RFC, a copy of the title deed, deeds of powers of attorney, proxy’s names, names of beneficiaries and addresses.

The general data of identification and economic heritage are necessary and indispensable. Through this notice THE AGENCY informs you that this information has the following legal and promotional purposes:

  1. Evaluation and acceptance of the real estate representation service that you have requested of THE AGENCY for the sale and/or lease of your property and information regarding possible changes to that service;
  2. Creation of any of the following documents for the sale and/or lease “Exclusive Listing Agreement”, “Real Estate Mediation Agreement”, “Request for Offer to Purchase”, “Private Contract of Sale” “Purchase Contract”, “Lease Agreement” and any other documents necessary in a purchase, sale and/or lease;
  3. Property promotion in print,  electronic and/or multi-media, real estate exchanges i.e. Multiple Listing Services, publications owned and/or used by THE AGENCY, and others related to the sale and/or lease of the property;
  4. Conservation of identification information for future real estate transactions or promotion by THE AGENCY. Likewise, the personal data may also be used to meet legal authority’s requirements.


Furthermore, THE AGENCY informs you that the personal data provided by you in your capacity as seller, buyer, landlord, tenant or guarantor, may be transferred to: Lawyers, Notaries Public, Registry of Property, Brokers, Credit Research Managers, Credit Bureau or personal references, Land Surveyors, Credit Institutions and anyone interested in carrying out the purchase, sale and/or lease, as may be the case for the purpose of carrying out the transfer of title to a property, when it is required.  Also the actual selling price will be used for statistical purposes.

Data Policy

THE AGENCY will not request any information under THE LAW that is defined as sensitive information such as religious, political or sexual. If you provide sensitive information THE AGENCY will care for and safeguard this information according to the terms of THE LAW.

The personal data of THE HOLDER shall be kept in strict confidence in accordance with security measures, administrative and physical techniques that THE AGENCY has implemented and deployed as their security policies and procedures. Unlawfully disclosing and limiting its use to others is forbidden as provided in this Privacy Policy.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, THE AGENCY does not guarantee that unauthorized parties cannot access the hardware or software of THE HOLDER or THE AGENCY or electronic documents and files stored on their systems. Therefore, THE AGENCY shall in no way be responsible for any damages that might result from such unauthorized access.


It should be noted that under THE LAW there are cases in which consent is not required for the processing of your personal data, and therefore the lack of consent does not preclude or prevent THE AGENCY from treating the personal data according to the terms of THE LAW and other regulations that may apply.

The Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and this privacy notice protect personal DATA of the seller, buyer, landlord, tenant, and a guarantor.

The retention periods of personal data by THE AGENCY will be necessary to fulfill the purposes mentioned. In case of refusal or cancellation of the services requested by the operator before the establishment of the contractual relationship, the documentation may be collected by THE HOLDER or his legal representative within a period not exceeding 10 working days following the date of the receipt of documentation. Failing this, the documentation will be destroyed.

This privacy notice is available to THE HOLDER of personal data in printed form at the registered address above, or on, where you can also see any modification to it.

At any time, you can revoke the consent granted to us to use your personal data. To do this, you need to submit your request by: a) Your real estate representative. b) Send the request to Your application must include the following information: Full name, address of the property in question and note in the subject “Revocation”. We will have at least 10 business days to answer your request and inform you about the status of it via email that we have on record from you.

This Privacy Notice can be modified or updated. For this reason you will be notified through the following methods;

You can write us with any questions at Prol. Invierno No. 70, El Caloso, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco 48360, Jalisco, telephone number +52 (322) 223-3770.

You can find a copy of our Privacy Notice online at

This privacy notice was amended on May 19, 2015.